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Traits of a Reliable Mobile Parts Supplier

Do you know what will be the global number of mobile phone users by the year 2019? Statista (a well known market research company) claims that it will be around 4.68 billion or can even cross the 5 billion mark.

The figure seems giant, isn’t it? Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons why along with mobile phone repair centers, wholesalers of mobile phone parts are also on the rise. Easy calculation says, more phones will trigger more cell phone repairing work and consequently more sale of cell phone parts. Hence, a lot of budding entrepreneurs are considering cell phone parts retailer or cell phone repairing as lucrative options.

If you are one among them, you must choose your mobile parts supplier carefully and wisely. Since you are new in the business you have to be aware of some factors that will determine whether the supplier is reliable or not.

To help you end the apprehension, a checklist of points are discussed below.

Social presence – Go through the company’s official website. View their rating and reviews if any. If you are unable to find anything worth judging their credibility, look for their social media accounts. In such places, you will come across client feedback both negative and positive which will make your decision making quite easy.

Warranty on products – Either ask or find out from their website about the warranty period they offer on their products. This is very important as reliable suppliers will always offer some warranty. If the supplier is not promising so, it means its products cannot be trusted. Most well known wholesalers offer up to 9 month warranty on all their products.

Delivery – Reputed wholesalers provide quickest service with next-day shipment. In some cases, this facility may depend on the invoice amount but it still remains to be a sought-after aspect for any mobile parts retailer. This helps in fast delivery of the products facilitating in the timely repair service.

Quality – Ensure your supplier provides AAA quality products. Visit their website for this claim. AAA is considered to be the highest grade in quality standard. Renowned suppliers will also do a quality check of their products before shipping as they would not want to compromise with their reputation. So, if there is no mention of guaranteed quality, it will be wise not to chose that supplier.

Years of service – Find out how old the company is. A wholesaler of mobile phone parts with at least 5 to 6 years of service can be trusted. It is sufficient number of years to have built a reputation for themselves. Hence, a company with so many number of years to its credit will not want to ruin the endeavor with poor service or products.

Privacy policy – Read the privacy policy from its website. This includes the return policy and order cancellation policy along with others. As a client, you have all the right and need to know about these policies that the company follows. A reliable company will have a return as well as a cancellation policy for the convenience of the client. If it doesn’t have such flexibility, buying its products would be a risk you don’t want to take.

Payment methods – Learn about the online payment methods because in the age of online shopping you would want to shop in the comfort of your home. Along with that also find how secure are the online transaction process that they facilitate. Are they trustworthy? If the answer is yes, it’s your call.

When investing in a business, you want to offer the best service possible to your customers. And for achieving that goal, your products must be of premium quality. However, quality is not the sole factor. The several other factors discussed above will not only help you to run your business successfully but also maintain a long-term trusted partnership with your supplier.

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