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A Trustworthy Source To Get Replacement Parts For Smartphones

While most people find it tough to find a trustworthy shop (online or brick and mortar) to get quality parts for bringing their phone back to life, the story is altogether different for people engaged in the mobile repair business. It is inevitable for a smartphone repair company to maintain a stocked inventory round the year to offer its repair services. So, there is an investment of ample time in locating a trustworthy source. A source from where it is possible to order smartphone replacement parts in bulk.

If you are in smartphone repair business, it is likely that you will choose a supplier after pondering over several factors like quality assurance, timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, credibility, and so on. It is vital to understand that like any other business, your business too depends heavily on your employees, suppliers, customers, and lenders for sustainable existence. One wrong choice and there will be a loss of revenue and reputation.

Canadian Cell Parts Inc being a veteran wholesale supplier of smartphone parts is well aware of this truth. It has all the qualities that must be there to become your trustworthy source, but only if your smartphone repair business is located in Canada or USA. Let us explore the reasons to know why the reputed Canadian wholesale supplier is the most trustworthy source to get replacement smartphone parts for your business.

Shipment of tested parts

The company thoroughly test each and every part before shipping to ensure all the replacement parts that are going to reach their client (smartphone repairers or smartphone repair companies) are in peak condition.

Guaranteed next-day shipping

Delay in service due to non-availability of desired replacement parts can be a cause of embarrassment for a mobile repair company. Canadian Cell Parts Inc eliminates any such possibility by its guaranteed next-day shipping service via top carriers( Purolator for Canada and DHL for USA).

Warranty on replacement parts

For smartphone repair companies, one of the main concern is always getting mediocre quality replacement parts from their suppliers, but Canadian Cell Parts offer a 90-day warranty on all replacement parts including LCDs.

LCD recycle program

Nothing can be better than having a supplier who enables you to earn some extra revenue. However, the Canadian company facilitates the same with its LCD recycle program.

Also, the company does not charge any currency exchange fee which means cost-effectiveness. No doubt with a vast inventory of smartphone replacement parts for all major brands and a range of mobile repair tools as well as accessories, Canadian Cell Parts has emerged as a trusted supplier of replacement parts for countless smartphone repair businesses.

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