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Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Policy


Our 3 months (90 days) warranty excludes physically damaged and broken screens, broken flex cables and installed parts. Parts without our stamp or logo sticker cannot be replaced. For RMA, please go to our RMA section to print out an RMA form for either of our Vancouver or Toronto Offices and attach it to the box you are sending back. Please write down product details regarding the defective items and the reason for returning each item.

We will replace the items or apply a store credit once the returns have been processed.

What is Difference between your AA Generic and OEM Original iPhone Screens?


We offer you a choice between Generic Screens or OEM Screens depending your customers’ needs.


Generic Screens: These look identical to the OEM screens. The LCD, Glass Lens (Digitizer) and Flex Cables are all Aftermarket parts. If you install the Generic Screens with extra care, they function exactly as well as the OEM Screens.

OEM Screens: The LCD, Glass Lens (Digitizer) and Flex Cables are original parts from Apple. These Screens are more durable than the Generic Screens – the Flex Cables are stronger than the Generic Screens and the Color of the OEM Screens are more vivid.

How Do I Qualify for Wholesale Pricing?


In order to qualify as a Wholesale Customer, your monthly order must be over $400 CAD not including shipping costs.

The CAD to US Conversion Rate is Already a 35% Discount


The latest PayPal Exchange Rate on US to CAD is ~1 to 0.75. In effect, by paying CAD you are already getting a 35% discount. We will keep you updated with the current rates.

Will I Be Charged in USD or CAD?


Our prices are all in Canadian Dollars, so there is no exchange rate cost to absorb for you as a customer. This entails a 35% discount versus American Smartphone Part Wholesalers.

Do you test the Screens Before They are Shipped? (YES)


Yes, we test all of our screens on site before we package and ship them to your location.

Screens Tested: iPhone 5/5C/5S, iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6+, iPhone 6S/6S+. Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 (All Variants). Samsung Galaxy Note 1, 2, 3, 4 and Note 5 (All Variants).

All of the Screens are tested with the matching smartphone model and we make sure that all of the LCD and Touch functions are completely functional. By this, we are testing iPhone 6 screens with a working iPhone 6 smartphone, and so on.

How long does Shipping Take?


Most packages will arrive by the next business day if you order before our 1PM cutoff time (Monday – Friday, PST and EST respectively). We ship the majority of our packages through Purolator unless you are in a remote area or at a PO Box, in which case we ship through Canada Post. Most packages will arrive for you within 24 hours, unless you are not in a major city – then your package will arrive in between 1 to 3 business days.

Do you Offer Local Pickup?


Yes, we do. If you live around Vancouver or in the Toronto Downtown Area, you are welcome to drop by our locations for pickup. Please contact us for more details about our office locations.

Do you offer FREE Shipping? FREE SHIPPING OVER $450


Yes, we do. All orders over $400 will be shipped with free Express Post through Purolator or Canada Post. These orders must contain 3 or more individual items within the one order.

The following Provinces of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia require a $600 Purchase in order to Qualify for this free Express Post shipping offer.

How Much Will Shipping Cost if my Order is not Over $400 ?


The cost will range from 15.50 CAD to 35.50 CAD depending on the box size and your shipping area.

What Types of Payment do You Accept?


We accept PayPal, via EMT or Credit Card.

Do You Have a Buyback and Swap Program for Broken LCDs?


Yes. We offer a Buyback and Swap program with varying prices for each type of LCD. Please check our LCD Recycle Section for details. Many customers throw their broken LCDs away as they find them to be useless. Our LCD Recycling Program puts more money into your pocket and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Installation Tips


iPhone 6 6+ 6S 6S+ and 5 5C 5S installation tips:

Make sure to keep your LCD Screen standing at a 90 degree angle against the Phone and the motherboard while installing the LCD Screen.

We carry the DottorPodX iHold Tool to help you make the Screen stand correctly against the Phone. Please check our Tools Section for Repair Products.


Please make sure you install the Generic Screens with extra care when you press into the Frame, as the Backlight on the Generic Screens are thicker than the OEM Screens’ Backlight. If too much pressure is applied, this will cause the Touch IC on the top two corners of the LCD to crack and cause Ghost Touch or even no Touch Capability at all.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Navigation Function is Not Working:

Due to a recent update for Samsung’s Android OS, some of the navigation functions may begin working improperly.  You can fix this issue by changing the following setting:

Settings -> My device -> Display -> Touch key light duration -> Always On


How do I make the payment for my order ?

The order you have submit on the site is not a firm order yet. As our staff members will have to check with our inventory ability and will contact you after checking and issue you a final official invoice through Paypal system for you to make the payment.


We Carry only Dual IC Generic Screen for all iPhone.

What is Dual IC Screens ? most of the supplier sell online for generic iPhone screen are signal IC screen. which will cause touch issue once customers have a few drops. the screen CCP carry is dual IC generic iPhone screen. which is the most durable screen on market at this time. a bit costly but it will do better in a long run.


Do you offer more discount for a large quantity volume order ?

Yes, and please contact us for more information