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Top 10 Smartphone Parts That You Must Have in 2019

Are you a retailer of smartphone parts or a cell phone repair professional? If you are any among these two, you have to maintain a stock of some essential smartphone parts to cater to the demands of your customers in a better way. So, what are the top 10 smartphone parts that you must have in 2019? Let’s have a look.

Display and touch assembly

The digitizer and LCD screen remain fused in most smartphones. So whether it is about repairing or replacing a shattered display screen, repair professionals will need the display and touch assembly. Remember, screen damage is one of the common issues encountered by smartphone users. So, have the essential part in your inventory.

Microphone flex cable

This is a crucial part for voice input. Mobile users have a tough time when the recorded audio is not proper or when there is no sound at all. The culprit could be a damaged flex cable which is usually replaced by an experienced repair professional. So, having the same in your inventory is mandatory.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass may seem odd in the coveted list of smartphone parts, but in recent years, it has become integral to high-end phones because of its ability to protect the screen from getting damaged, broken, shattered, and so on.


Whenever the phone battery starts to drain at a rapid speed, it is either time to get a new battery or to follow all the readily available online tips to reduce the battery drain and see whether the battery issue is solved or not. Most cell phone repair professionals have batteries of various brands to offer quick repair.


A smartphone with a malfunctioned or a broken camera is a great disappointment for selfie lovers or those who spend hours in binge-watching. But sometimes, the camera needs a fix. So, be it a camera lens or the camera sensor, stock them up.

Ear Speaker

Just like the microphone flex cable, an earphone speaker or earpiece is vital for hearing sound with clarity. Less or no sound during a phone call also leads a smartphone user to seek a replacement part.

SIM card tray

When a SIM card tray is damaged or broken, the best course of action is always to ask a repair professional to replace it with a new one. So, there will be a demand for SIM card trays in the next year too.

Glass back cover

In recent years, there has been a rise in cell phones featuring a glass back cover instead of the traditional metal or plastic body for aesthetic reasons, but the back cover made up of glass cracks easily in case of an accidental drop. So, including the same in your stock makes a lot of sense.

Home button assembly

This part is an essential one to solve the problem of an unresponsive or damaged home button which is mostly experienced by iPhone users. Fixing this issue is difficult without replacing it with a new home button assembly which includes a home button face, cable, and a metal ring.

Charging dock port flex cable

When a cell phone does not charge, the usability of the device gets drastically reduced. In such a case, a charging dock port flex cable is essential to fix the issue.

With the new year knocking at the door, your inventory must include all the above parts. Moreover, all of the above parts are easy to order from the online stores of reputed wholesale suppliers of smartphone parts.

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