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Advantages Of OLED Screen Over LCD Screen

The 10th anniversary of iPhones proves remarkable with the launch of iPhone X. The Apple device features something distinct from its predecessors. It was the impressive OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display. The primary reason behind this shift was the advantages that such a screen offers over an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen which is currently used by most smartphone manufacturing companies across the world. Contrary to popular belief, this technology is not new. Since years, it has enjoyed an extensive application in television displays but is relatively new for mobile devices like smartphones. Let us explore the advantages of OLED screen over an LCD screen in detail.

Brighter images

Smartphone users use their device at a variety of viewing angles while watching their favorite videos or capturing images. Such variations affect the performance of the phone’s display. When a phone is on a desk or table, the viewing angle is often up to 30 degrees or more. The typical decrease in the brightness level experienced by a user at 30 degrees is 55% or even more in case of an LCD display. However, under the same circumstances, the decrease is a mere 29% in case of an OLED screen which makes the images all the more stunning.

Lighter & thinner

Last year, Samsung got a certification for its flexible and unbreakable OLED display panel. So, when you hear about smartphones arriving with a foldable display, don’t be surprised! We all know that plastic is lighter in weight than glass. So, being made up of plastic, an OLED display has no comparison with an LCD display made up of glass. Moreover, the use of these displays also lets manufacturers reduce the thickness and weight of the device.

Less power consumption

Since OLED screens are emissive, they do not need backlighting. So, they consume lesser power than LCD screens. Thus, a smartphone with such a screen also prevents a rapid battery drain.

In a nutshell, OLED screens offer many advantages. So, it is not surprising that most high-end phones are now featuring the same. If you are a cell phone repair professional or run a mobile repair company, think about sourcing OLED screen digitizer assembly only from a trusted phone parts supplier.

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