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Cell Phone Accessories That Phone Repair Professionals Must Have In Their Inventory

With plenty of cell phone repair professionals trying to carve a niche for themselves in a competitive market, it is essential to offer something extra that can draw customers. Several repair professionals have acknowledged this truth. They have now an array of cell phone accessories or parts in their inventory.

Having a range of cell phone parts or accessories on display that can engage customers has become a lucrative option to earn some extra bucks for store owners. There are plenty of customers who while waiting for getting their phone repaired, end up purchasing phone accessories or parts from the repair store.

So, if you are a repair professional or own a repair center, it is time to know what are these parts. Let’s have a look.

Phone Cases

Have you noticed how you feel dejected when you visit a store and find a majority of phone covers exhibiting a kind of similarity? So, how about having some unique phone cases in your inventory? For example, phone cases with inspirational or funny quotes, cute wooly cases, wooden cases, mirror phone cases, and more. Think out of the box and try to find some cases that will stand out from the rest. You can also keep a stock of extremely sturdy cases as there is no dearth of smartphone owners for whom the safety of their device is of prime concern.

Tempered Glass

Even the thought of having a shattered or broken display can send a chill down the spine! Yes, when people walk in your store for a glass or LCD replacement due to a broken display, offering them tempered glass at a reasonable price is a wise decision. So, there is no reason why you should ignore this essential cell phone accessory which has now become an integral part of a phone to ensure the safety of its fragile display.


Everyone loves to listen to music. Sometimes to uplift the mood and sometimes to escape the boredom. Whatever is the reason, smartphones have to make iPods almost obsolete. One can listen to music with a tap of a finger on the smartphone screen, but earphones make it possible to enjoy the music in private. So, have a stock of sturdy earbuds made up of either plastic or metal to cater to this demand.

There are several other phone accessories or parts that you must have in your inventory such as the universal charger, selfie stick, and phone battery for cell phones manufactured by popular brands. For a reputed cell phone repair center, having these parts from a wholesale supplier of cell phone parts and accessories means an additional source of income which is always a welcome move.

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