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iPod Touch 4th Gen LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly – Purple

$68.00 $20.00


Item Description: Brand New OEM LCD Display and Touch Screen Lens Digitizer all components pre-assembled for your iPod 4G Ready for repair!!! This items is a completely OEM LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer & Lcd Glass Screen Display Assembly for iPod 4G. Related Parts Include: 1* LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer. 1*Bezel Frame LCD Screen Holder. 1*Lcd Glass Screen Display. with purple home button All components are already installed Good. Warning : Dont Buy ” Touch Digitizer only ” item when you repair your iPhone 4G. Since the LCD display and Digitizer Lens are glued together, you will never take them apart, This Parts is the only way you can change your crack sceen or broken LCD. So make sure you got the right item to get the job doneigiti Package Included: 1x iPod 4G LCD Display, Touch Screen Digitizer & Frame Assembly Complete < Purple > 1x Purple home button 1x IPhone Pry Tool Set for opening your iphone < FREE> 1 x iPod 4G adhesive kit