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iCorner B-Series


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gTool is a worldwide leader in Apple repair products.  The iCorner Pro is the gTool All-In-One corner and sidewall repair kit for iPads, iPhones, and iPods.  This specialized kit is the only tool you will ever need when removing dents from the frame or housing of your iDevice. The gTool can handle even the most significant damage to the sides and corners of your iPad, iPhone, and iPod.  This tool turns a frame that is bent beyond repair into a quick fix. A few quick turns of the tool and your device is ready to go.  Straightening out the frame not only makes your iDevice look new again but it  also ensures a perfect fit of your new screen every time. Includes: 1 x GH1203: iPhone 5, 5S & 5SE Corner repair Set 1 x GH1204: iPhone 5, 5S & 5SE SideWall Repair Set 1 x GH1205: iPad2,3, & 4 corner repair Set 1 x GH1206: iPad 2,3, & 4 SideWall Repair Set 1 x GH1207: iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Mini Retina & iPad Air Corner Repair Set 1 x GH1208: iPod 4th Generation Corner Repair Set 1 x G1209/G1210: iCorner assistant kit Set 1 x G1212: iCorner Driver M2/M3: Hex Key Set

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