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How To Prevent A Phone’s Battery From Being Drained

Imagine you are heading out for a good time at a secluded beach and suddenly you notice, your phone battery is dead! You have to rush back to a hotel, resort, or maybe a friend’s house to recharge your phone.

The red battery icon gives us an anxiety attack whenever it appears on our phone screen. Try to remember the number of times you have visited a bar or restaurant to charge your phone battery. So, what is the solution?

There is no use of suffering from low battery anxiety as there are solutions to prevent a phone battery from being drained.

Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned points.

Remove the oversized apps

As per the Android App Performance & Trend Report Q1 2017 by Avast, some of the greediest apps that play havoc on your battery life are as follows:

  • Samsung AllShare
  • ChatON Voice & Video Chat
  • Samsung Push Service
  • Google Talkback
  • Google Play Music

Yes, some apps abuse your phone battery without your knowledge. There are even some apps that are quite popular but should be uninstalled if saving your phone battery is paramount to you.

Just remove them but if removing them is not possible, don’t get disheartened. There are more ways to deal with the problem.

Refrain from flash photography

It becomes impossible to resist the idea of flash photography, especially in a dimly lit environment when something exciting is happening. Be it an evening get-together on the front porch or a beach party, avoiding flash photography is always an option. Anyway, you can lit up the captured images without such photography by using some smart photo-editing tools that you can find easily over the web.

Reduce the screen brightness

You would be happy to know that even the minuscule task of reducing your screen brightness could save your battery life significantly. If you have an iPhone, you don’t need to pay any heed to this advice.

You may have no idea, but your battery works hard to keep the screen well-lit and this, contributes to rapid drainage of your battery.

Say no to phone vibration

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of phantom vibration when you hear the phone vibration even when it is not vibrating at all? Yes, it happens and is annoying as well as confusing. Phone vibration also consumes much battery because it has to move your phone for incoming calls, messages, notifications, and whatnot. The best move is to switch off the vibration mode completely.

Avoid watching videos

Your phone battery works more when you are watching videos to maintain an active web connection and screen well-lit. It has to work hard for your phone’s graphics processor that decodes the video and audio.

Lastly, you can turn off the Wi-Fi or your GPS. Sticking to the basic rule of making brief calls and switching off the phone during a long flight or for a few hours when you are away from any power source helps to avoid the catastrophe.

However, if, even after doing everything, there is no relief, it is better to go for a battery replacement. Get tested batteries for major brands of mobile devices at Canadian Cell Parts Inc, a reputed wholesaler of smartphone parts.

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