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iPhone 4 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Home Button – Blue

$170.24 $35.00

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Item Description: iThis kit inclued Blue LCD touch screen digitizer assmbly with a Blue home button, the the fron part all components pr -assembled for your iphone 4 LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer & Lcd Glass Screen Display Assembly for Iphone 4G. Related Parts Include: 1* LCD Touch Screen Glass Digitizer. 1*Bezel Frame LCD Screen Holder. 1*Lcd Glass Screen Display. All components are already installed Good. Also come with Blue iphone 4 home button to make this item complete Package Included: 1x iPhone 4 LCD Display, Touch Screen Digitizer & Frame Assembly Complete < Blue> 1x iPhone 4G home button < Blue> 1x IPhone Pry Tool Set for opening your iphone item will be also inclued newest 5 point screw driver