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ESD Tweezers

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Product Info: gTool ESD tweezers ergonomically designed intended to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue and discomfort to the user. Replaceable tip mechanism for easy swopping of ceramic tip heads. The ESD  Tweezers are extremely durable high temperatures because the tip heads are made of ceramic with a temperature resistance of 1000 °C. Tweezers properties:

  • Low resistance limit: 107 Ohm/high resistance limit: 109  Ohm at 10v
  • Thermal Resistance: 1000 °C
  • Chemical Resistance : Solder/ Chemical/ Solvent/ Acid
  • Length of the Ceramics tip:40mm
  • Material: Zirconia Ceramics and ESD surface coating
  • Features: Align-able ceramic replacement high precision tips.

Tweezer Size Specification: Tweezer Length: 130mm Tweezer Thickness: 10mm Tip Size: 4mm  x 25mm Included: 1 x ESD Tweezer 1 x Set Zirconia Ceramic Tweezer Tips