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ESD Screwdriver Kit Full Set

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Product Info: The ESD Screwdriver set is an all-in-one professional solution. The set is kitted out with all the essentials to dismantle a device with ease and precision. The set is equipped with our iconic gTool Screwdriver which is an ergonomic multi-tool with Anti-Static properties. The Screwdriver is designed with an insulated steel core, roller bearing system, Anti-Static grip and a magnetic 4mm bit receiver. This Screwdriver set comes complete with 5  screwdriver bits, 3 plastic spudgers with steel inserts and 3 steel spudgers. Screwdriver Set Properties:

  • Surface Resistance: Dissipative plastic 106 to 109 Ohm
  • Material: Independent steel cores, ESD Dissipative Plastic and Silicone
  • Features: Insulated steel top and silicon body compatible with standard 4mm Hex bits. Bearing spindle system with steel reinforced body.

Included bits: Phillips: #000 Philips: #00 Pentalobe:  0.8 (iPhone Screws) Pentalobe:  1.2 (Macbook Screws) Flathead Slot: 1.5mm